Welcome to Plant Pioneers.
We are an educationally-based human-plant relations platform,
And a movement.

At Plant Pioneers we recognize there is subtle, intelligent plant activity that is yet to be fully realized. Therefore, with the judicious use of delicate tools, combined with mindfulness and cognitive agility techniques, we explore intelligent plant activity in relation to the human-plant experience.

Additionally, the human community is really important to us at Plant Pioneers. In light of what we do, (see below) we are deeply aware that we can learn a great deal from the natural world. As plant pioneers, we believe that this planet’s symbiotic system is a most elegant template on which to model our actions. It can foster our evolutionary progress towards positive, shared relationships and a more socially and ecologically just society with both the rights of Nature and the rights of humanity as its foundation.

Part of our plant and tree exploration happens through an audio interface that liberates their impulses into musical sounds, making their electrical frequencies audible to our ears, as well as giving plants and trees “a voice”. This audio interface is called “Music of the Plants”.

A bigger part of what we do is help people develop their internal and external sensory systems, which in turn help us all develop a dialogue with Nature since we are very much a part of its inter-dependent planetary species. We do this in fun and educational ways, primarily through outdoor field, forest and parkland walks, for the novice to the experienced. These shared learning experiences about the traditional uses of plants and trees all take on a new twist and new meaning as we unwrap the old ways of interacting with the environment. Hands-on exercises of mindfulness training and cognitive agility help us liberate our vibrational field, a capability we’ve not used in generations. Our instinctual nature that is part of our genetic blueprint holds the key for us to better understand Nature’s language, that Nature being plants, trees, fungi, animals, sky, rocks, water and Earth.

We seek to explore the cycles of making contact with Nature and be the restorative process to support Earth as a sustaining, gifting and receiving system that it is,that we are.