Welcome to Plant Pioneers, we’re a human-plant relations movement. This platform is education based with alternative and holistic theme’s in the area of plant intelligence. Please, take a peak at our pages.

As Plant Pioneers, we recognize there is subtle, intelligent plant activity that is yet to be fully realized, so with the judicious use of delicate tools and traditional herbalism techniques, we explore intelligent plant activity in relation to human-plant communication. Much of our work is being done with this audio interface and is the platform for electrical plant impulses to be liberated into musical sounds,giving plants a voice, so to speak, that is audible to the human ear.” 

Learning through experience, a Plant Pioneer is grounded in the human-plant relationship, where respect and reciprocity is at the foundation of our relationship. We are tirelessly driven to explore new levels of Nature-understanding, where plants are part of our family and where we first consider plants and Earth every day in a restorative way. Using Music of the Plants electronics and other sensitive tools helps us study and begin to understand this very old, yet new language. 

Plant Pioneers thus strives to develop old and new conduits of constructive projects and programs, so that others might gain new insights into the value of our plant-human family. Plant Pioneer Pledge: We are asking all who visit this page to consider reviewing the Plant Pioneer Pledge. If this feels right to you, please sign and post in your home or office where you can view it each day. Make it yours. And do let us know what experiences you may have that come from this.

Plant Pioneer's seek to explore opportunities that are educational and interactive towards developing a sensitivity in making plant contact to better understand their realm, regardless of their utility to humans and where we begin a restorative relationship over a user relationship.