Respect for all Nature organisms


1) Demonstrate how plants are communicating with us. 2) We have what it takes, ancestral memory, to communicate with plants. 3) And as a whole, plants embody the solutions to help humans navigate our environmental imbalances ... in a more Earth-centered way.
By putting aside our notions about plants, our whole life becomes a participatory landscape that is reciprocal and respectful of a plant’s life. We are stewards for environmental justice and stewards for the wellness of Gaia.


Our work is grounded in plant intelligence science and Deep Ecology principles that corroborate what traditional and First Nations peoples have always known about our plant world: they are our relations. Thus, a Plant Pioneer seeks to explore opportunities that are educational and interactive towards developing a sensitivity in making plant contact to better understand their realm, regardless of their utility to humans, and where we begin a restorative relationship over a user relationship.