Do You Have a Question?

Starting Wednesday, September 6th, I'll be answering your questions related to herbalism, wild foods foraging, herbal or wild food preparations, plant intelligence, gardening issues, herbal preparations with the wild things we're seeing in our gardens, herbal toxins, weedie toxins, biodynamic preparations as soil amendments for our gardens, herbal or weedie book reviews and more.

I've been thinking about this for a long time, that is, about blogging. Since I just love to share the ways of living and working with our plants, it seems more beneficial that I have a purpose to write. Not just something out of the blue, but something that is important to you. And also especially that now, I get at least 5 "questions" a day between my facebook pages, website, email and texts ... that I'm thinking it is definitely time to do this. Oh yeah. Now, I'll have one place that I'll post for not just one person to benefit, but all.

If its something personal? I will not divulge any identifying features that point to you, and will make sure that I keep it general and to the point.

Each week, I'll pick a few questions that I can answer and post them here. If I can't answer them? I'll let you know and point you in the best direction.

Where do you send the questions to?
Here on this website, by email, my personal public facebook page or through text.
Give me 24 hrs to answer.
I'll post it here as well as on Facebook for all to read.

I'm excited to get started.

But please understand that because there is so much going on between now and the beginning of September, this is why I'm starting the first week of September.