Vata Person
Associated with the elements of space and air. So think of the patterns that space and air represent: spaciousness, openness, windy, light, airy, clear, cool, dry or easily dries out, quick, whipping around, changeable, etc. Vata people are creative, quick-witted and resourceful.
Vatas are active and alert and enjoy being on the move. Like the wind, Vata people are light, cool, clear, exuberant and expansive. Vata’s can be quite soft-hearted and romantic. They are seldom very good at managing money. Physiologically, vata people tend to be thin, with curly hair, dry skin and prominent bones. Thrown off balance, they can be nervous and fearful.

Vata is dry, light, cold, mobile, active, clear, astringent, and it is dispersing. All of these qualities can manifest in an individual. For example, if a person has excess vata in his or her constitution, because of the dry quality, he or she will have dry hair, dry skin, tendency towards constipation. Because of the light quality, the person will have a light body frame, light muscles, thin and underweight. Because of the cold quality, the person will have cold hands, cold feet and poor circulation. They hate the cold season and love summer. Because of the mobile quality, these people are very active. They like jogging and jumping and don't like sitting in one place. the subtle quality is responsible for the emotions of fear, anxiety, insecurity and nervousness.

With an overabundance of vata, people get spacey, irresponsible, ungrounded, out of touch with life's earthier aspects. Vata energy is based in the colon, and vatas are prone to conditions such as flatulence, tics and twitches, aching joints, dry skin and hair, nerve disorders, constipation and anxiety. Vata energy is strongest during the fall season.
Maintaining a routine is crucial to vata's good health. Vata people are particularly sensitive to sugar, alcohol and drugs and should use these substances sparingly, if at all. Cold foods aren't the best choice for vatas, especially during the fall and winter.

If you're a vata, you're advised to stay away from ice cream and other cold sweets. Choose warming foods and spices, and limit your intake of raw foods.You can eat some salads and raw vegetables in summer, preferably at lunchtime, when digestive fire, which Ayurveda calls agni, is strongest. Vatas thrive in warm, coastal climates
Pitta Person
Associated with the elements of fire. So think of the patterns that fire represent: Hot, dry, heated, stinging, sharp, quick, transformable (changes things into ashes), easily burnt up, etc.
Pitta people are fiery, determined, strong-willed and passionate.
Pitta people are tough-minded, clearheaded, enthusiastic and ambitious and can be quite successful. Pittas work well under pressure and can be courageous in emergencies. Out of balance, the pitta temper can be scary, however. Unbalanced pittas fly off the handle, scream and lash out, criticize and judge. Or they seethe in private and develop ulcers. The pitta dosha combines the elements of fire and water. Think of diving into the ocean on a hot summer's day at the beach. That's pitta intensity.

Anyone with red hair and freckles is probably pitta. Blondes are frequently pitta, too, as are those with prematurely gray hair. But pittas can also have dark hair. Of all of the doshas, pittas most easily maintain weight proportionate to height because of their strong metabolisms. Pitta is based in the small intestine, and pittas tend to have efficient digestive systems. (A little pitta energy is essential for everyone, since anything that enters the body, from food to new ideas to new experiences, must be digested.)
It has hot, sharp, light, liquid, sour, oily and spreading qualities. Because of the hot quality, the pitta person has a strong appetite and warm skin. The body temperature is a little higher than the vata person. The second quality of pitta is sharp, therefore the pitta person has a sharp nose, teeth, eyes, mind and while talking uses sharp words. They also have very sharp memory. Because of the oily quality, they have soft warm oily skin, straight oily hair, and the feces are oily and liquid. They have a tendency to gray prematurely, a sign of early maturity. Pitta girls get earlier menstruation and reach puberty earlier. Because of the light quality, pitta people are moderate in body frame, and they do not like bright light. Because of too much heat in the body, they tends to loose his hair in early youth and have a receding hair line, or bald head. The next quality of pitta is strong smell. When they perspires, under the arm pit there is a typical sulfur smell, and if he doesn't wash his socks, they will have a strong smell. They are often wise, brilliant people, and can have a controlling, dominating personality. They have a tendency towards comparison, competition, ambition, and they have a quality of aggressiveness, so naturally they criticize.Pittas can be fad followers, moving quickly from one passion to the next. They often are very good at making money but not so good at accumulating wealth. Pittas like to spend money as fast as they make it. Summer is a pitta season, and problems such as sunburn and poison ivy typify pitta's tendency to develop skin rashes and outbreaks. Pittas are also prone to burning sensations such as ulcers, to fevers and to inflammations and irritations such as conjunctivitis, colitis and sore throats. At menopause, pitta women may have the most trouble with hot flashes.The optimal pitta diet emphasizes cooling foods such as cottage cheese, mint tea, oatmeal, basmati rice and sweet-tasting fruits. Pittas often love to eat hot, spicy foods but should do so only rarely, because spicy foods aggravate pitta's natural fire.
While vatas may skip meals because they simply forget to eat, pittas always know when it's time for dinner. Everyone needs to eat regularly, but pittas are most adamant about doing so. The best place for pittas to live is in cool climates where seasons visibly change. New England, for instance, is prime pitta territory.

Pitta people tend to get inflammatory diseases, while vata predominant people tend to get neurological, muscular and rheumatic problems.Kapha Person
Associated with the elements of water and earth. So think of the patterns that Water and Earth represent: water is wet, moist, cool, heavy, and depending on its flow it could be sluggish to stagnant to rushing and gushing; earth is dense, dark, cool, moist, heavy, solid, strong, etc.
Kaphas are sensuous, strong, calm, soft-spoken and forgiving.
Kapha people tend to have well-developed bodies with big but not prominent bones. Hair is plentiful, usually dark and wavy or curly. Kaphas frequently have oily complexions and large, soulful eyes. Of all of the doshas, kaphas have the most trouble keeping their weight proportionate. Vatas worry and fidget themselves skinny. Pittas burn off the pounds with their fiery energy. But sweet, self-satisfied kaphas can turn into couch potatoes who kick back and pack on the pounds.At their best, kaphas are wise, relaxed, tolerant and loyal. Connected to the elements of earth and water, kaphas are usually well-grounded, fluid and able to accept changes. Down-to-earth and good-humored, they can make wonderful friends and excellent hosts. But when their energy goes out of whack, kaphas become greedy, possessive and selfish. While their tendency to live in the present is advantageous to their spiritual development, their deep, abiding attachments to people and things can be obstacles on the spiritual path.Kapha energy dominates in winter and early spring, and some of the diseases kaphas are most vulnerable to are associated with those seasons. Kaphas can be more susceptible to colds and flus, sinusitis and headaches. Kaphas frequently suffer seasonal allergies. Their metabolisms can be sluggish, making them feel tired, gain weight easily and retain water.
The good news for kaphas is that if they eat sensibly and exercise regularly, their natural strength and endurance give them an advantage for living long, healthy lives. A good kapha diet emphasizes pungent, bitter and astringent foods. Kaphas can safely use plenty of spices but are advised to stay away from sweet foods and follow a low-fat diet.
From the financial perspective, kaphas are the most likely to build up wealth. They're good at making money and at saving it. Kaphas thrive in the desert or in mountainous regions, as long as the weather is moderate to warm. New Mexico is a great place for kaphas to live.Kapha will have heavy, slow, cool, oily, liquid, dense, thick, static and cloudy qualities. Because of the heavy quality, these people have heavy bones, muscles and fat. They will have a tendency to put on weight. Because of the slow quality, they have slow metabolism and digestion. They walk slowly and talk slowly. They don't like jogging and jumping. They love eating, sitting and doing nothing. Kapha is cool hence kapha people have cool, clammy skin. Kapha people have thick wavy hair, and big, attractive eyes. They have slow but prolonged, steady memory. Kapha people are forgiving, loving and compassionate. thekapha person has a sweet tooth and loves candy, cookies and chocolate.