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In a Garden of Sounds by Peter Coates is an interpretation of the data generated by the electrical frequencies emitted by plants and converted into audio signals by a specially designed synthesizer. The original recordings were harvested from an assortment of plants and flowers including orchids, begonias, geraniums, mosses, a star succulent, a gold dust croton plant and a norfolk pine tree.

Peter’s music is being used by energy workers, yogis, and teachers as they find it enhances the benefits of their work.

For more information visit our music page HERE.

Outdoor Programs

Weeds, Leaves, Seeds & Shoots

Adult Workshop – Weeds for Wellness – the Next Generation

– Discover weed plants, how to I.D., their dense nutrition to superior herbal virtues.

– Deep ecology principles and co-evolutionary Nature relationships

– Experience a specialized field of study: the investigations of plant frequencies through

Music of the Plants demonstration in which you will not only hear plant sounds but a wave generator and Chladni plate liberate their   sounds into detailed geometrical formations, having implications in healing.

Empowering kids to connect with Nature to be better future stewards of the Earth. Basic concepts explored, using Music of the Plants synthesizer, is in Deep Ecology principles and how the health of our plants and planet is in direct relationship to our very own health.

For more information on these two programs, contact Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, R.N., Herbalist and Plant Pioneer Ambassador by email: 3moonsisters@gmail.com or website: www.WeedsLeavesSeedsShoots.com

COMING IN 2018 – Music of the Plants Festival

A festival for mid to late 2018 is in the planning stages. Our goal is to invite luminaries from the plant intelligence community around the world and locally, along side herbalists, artists and musicians, to provide an exciting and engaging event to help spread the knowledge of this amazing new science.

Check back for updates!

Projects In Progress:

Children's Music of the Plants Books

“Plants Speak”
A Journey Connecting To the Plant World
by Roger and Renee’ Barchita

The main characters experience, Levy, a 10 year old boy, who grew up in the city finds that “plants are alive like us”. He is amazed and inspired about plant intelligence and how plants and trees are an integral part of our lives and the universe. See plants and trees through Levy’s eyes. [specific pages have raw plant and tree generated sounds ]

Chords of Connection

Brings the expands the world of Plant Music and connects it with Meditation and Coaching programs. Offering a combination of meditation and healing reflections with the unique backdrop of music harvested from the plant world, our mission is to assist you in reconnecting with yourself and the natural world around you in a bold and radiant way.  For more information visit:


Projects Underway and In Need Funding

Documentary Story Film

A Story Film of how Native peoples to Herbalists know the plants and what Scientists are now learning. Humans and plants are in deep ecological relationship, interconnected and can easily access to begin to understand plants on multiple levels. This is a film is a show and tell for youths to adults. It’s debut will be the latter part of 2018.

PLEASE HELP FUND THIS PROJECT PLEASE CONTACT Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower – 3moonsisters@gmail.com