Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision:

Where all humans are respectful of all Nature organisms.

Our Mission:

To increase awareness in plant consciousness that celebrates our human-plant reciprocity and our interconnectedness.

As a Plant Pioneers:

Our work is grounded in plant intelligence science and Deep Ecology principles that corroborate what traditional and First Nations peoples have always known about our plant world – they are our relations.

Thus, a Plant Pioneer seeks to explore opportunities that are educational and interactive towards developing a sensitivity in making contact to better understand the plant realm, regardless of their utility to humans.


Much of our work is derived from traditional plant societies and preliminary peer reviewed empirical data …

  • the International Society of Plant Signaling Behavior / LINV – http://www.linv.org/about-us/
  • the studies and research at the Federation of Damanhur, Italy –
  • the MINT Lab in Spain and Paco Calvo’s work – http://www.um.es/en/web/minimal-intelligence-lab/
  • Herbal scholar, Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of the “Secret Teachings of Plants” and “Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm
  • the works of Stephano Mancuso and his colleagues at the University of Florence and LINV
  • our own works and explorations on the benefits that plants imbue on the wellness of Earth and all its organisms. Emphasis around our plant work is in Gibsonian philosophies which reflects real world, living systems relationships.