Human-Plant Relations Movement

Plant Pioneers uses Music of the Plants sensitive electronics device as the medium of choice to explore plant signals, along with other gentle tools where plant interactions and explorations begin.

As a Plant Pioneer, we recognize there is subtle, intelligent plant activity that is yet to be fully realized. So with the judicious use of delicate tools and traditional herbalism techniques we explore intelligent plant activity in relation to human-plant communication.

Learning through experience, a Plant Pioneer is grounded in the value of human plant connection and is tirelessly driven to explore new levels of understanding our relationship has with Earth and its diverse array of plants. Using Music of the Plants electronics and other sensitive tools to help us study and begin to understand this new language. Plant Pioneers thus strives to develop a conduit of constructive projects and programs so that others might gain new insights into the value of  positive plant human relations.

Watch Plant Pioneers founder, Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower demonstrating the music of the plants technology with Reba Linker on Paint Yourself Into the Picture :